I began by importing the watercolor my genius daughter had made into Gravity Sketch. By using mostly subdivision modeling, I created my sad pigeon from a cube. The process of subdiv modeling is extremely intuitive in VR. I wanted this process to go fairly quickly, so I did not model the bird for more than maybe an hour.
I then exported the birb, without textures, back to my computer. There I used the free 3D modeler Blender to generate a UV Map, needed for the next step.
 The app Procreate on iPad is among the best drawing and painting applications on the market. The full version of this app is ten dollars. That includes UV painting — the app lets you paint directly on 3D models. This was perfect for my birb, which was based on a watercolor painting.
After having painted my birb, I exported the 3D model from my iPad back to my computer, where I again opened it in Blender. Blender let me export my newly created birb in any 3D format on the planet. Wanting to import it into VR again, I chose a .glb format.
And so, after a creative process that took me about 1,5 hours from idea to finished model, I could invite my Emotional Crisis Birb into my apartment in Spatial, where I normally hang out with my VR friends.
Creating content in VR is just so much fun. I look forward to creating entire worlds filled with artwork. In fact, I am building a house right now.

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