Imagine a tradeshow where 200 companies compete for the attention of 38.000 potential customers. A packed hall, with equipment and services everywhere. Now picture being a company at this tradeshow with a wide and diverse set of services most people know nothing about. You want people to stop and take the time to learn what you do. Which is something that is a pretty complex set of products and services. 
How do you reach through the static? How do you get people to take the time? How do you explain something complex while all around you people are screaming for your attention? 
The answer is simple - by taking away all the distractions and telling a story by moving the audience to another place, using Virtual Reality. 
The Brief
Automässan 2020 is held in Gothenburg and Promeister had decided to show with a large booth covering all the different aspects (Spare parts and equipment, Digital tools, Customer Service, Training and education) of the companys operations. 
The brief was to create some form of communication that introduced a viewer to all the different aspects of Promeister.  The secondary purpose of the initiative was to garner interest for Promeister as a whole and lead prospective clients into the booth to learn more. 
360 VR video was selected as the storytelling medium for the project. The theme was 'Welcome To Our World' and it involved creating an experience happening all around the audience in real time. 
The project began with careful storyboarding and planning. Since the audience could enter or leave the experience at any time it needed to be an unbroken sequence of events. The events took place all around the viewer, and each represented a part of the story happening in real time. Events were scripted to occur right next to the audience, to fully take advantage of the immersive effect of Virtual Reality.
Footage was filmed at the Promeister Academy headquarters in Malmoe, where a full workshop and classrooms were provided together with staff and teachers participating as actors in the film. Directing the film proved a challenge since the camera is an 'active' participant in the scene, and the story needs to unfold as if an invisible audience member is standing where the camera is. 
Part of the assignment was designing a customized VR booth which in itself was created to attract interest from people walking by. Four Oculus Quest VR headsets striped with the company logotype and prepared with custom software and media. 
In the four days the tradeshow lasted, the VR booth was a great success. The VR headsets themselves proved a great way to stand out, attract attention, and convince people to stop and learn more. The average time a user spent in the VR headset was around 2-3 minutes, and even if only a single person in a group tried it, all of their friends stood by and could be lead into the booth to learn more about the different aspects of Promeister.
Overall people were very impressed with their look into the world of Promeister and came away impressed with the company and eager to know more. 
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