A key part of creating a successful product is onboarding new users from new channels. Digital ads on social media were essential in building this audience. Because Plotagon is a moviemaking application, the ads needed to give the user the understanding about what the app did in a short space of time, entice them to try it. All aspects of this marketing strategy were developed in house and based on the insights and data generated by the user input and behaviors. 

The first step was a series of ads with different types of images and messaging. These were intentionally created with different themes to find out what attracted the selected target audience.
Based on the insights of this first ad set, a new one was developed using the copy and images that had been most effective. In a period of weeks, we had a theme and a messaging that we knew worked for the target audience. The next step was to take those learnings and create a 25 second ad. The ad was designed to convey the key points to drive conversion, but in order to be used on YouTube it needed to deliver a CTA in the first five seconds. 

This ad then served as a basis for an ongoing digital marketing campaign. The overall structure was kept and variants developed, like an arabic version for a middle eastern campaign. Overall, the campaign was a great success, quickly delivering results way in excess of industry standards, and improving continually. 

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