In 2013 Plotagon was still in a prototype phase, being built into the app existing today. As marketing manager, my job was to create a communication concept that summed up the core idea of what Plotagon represented to a user, before it actually existed.

Enter the Magical Typewriter. Plotagons user experience is centered around the film script, Courier on plain paper. So the connection to a typewriter seemed apt. The phrase has since proven very effective, creating an instant interest needed to break through the buzz in a very congested market space. 

Marketing was begun with this conceptual image together with photoshopped prototypes of the app as the product was taking shape. If the Magical Typewriter was the concept, the  potential and promise of this product was to enable every user to tell their own story, in a brand new way. Your stories. Created with Plotagon. Directed by you.  
One of the first marketing assets that were produced was a film that explained the vision behind Plotagon. The 'why' of using this new app, and the ideas and ambitions behind it. 
The film was storyboarded, planned and scripted and then produced together with filmmaker Gary Fabbri. 
The vision and the concept created the basis for a successful launch of this product, creating press interest and securing continued support from investors. The Magical Typewriter is still used as a concept to awaken interest for the product in marketing, PR and corporate storytelling. 

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