Plotagon receives the Best Stand at Bett award by the panel of students at BETT 2014
In 2014 the decision was made to create a specific product for educators - both teachers and their students loved the Plotagon user experience but these users have their own needs in terms of features, community and communication. So Plotagon Education was created as a separate business vertical and development of this product was begun. 
Edtech teachers are a special breed. These people are more often than not the grass roots, creative, dedicated teachers with a passion for teaching as well as learning, finding new ways of engaging their students with tools found in the digital world. But as customers they are also demanding, inquisitive and specific in their needs and opinions. The very best way of reaching these people to understand their needs and get their input is to meet them. This was why a strategy of event marketing was created, and Plotagon was represented at the major EdTech events in Scandinavia, the UK and the US between 2014 to 2018. 
EdTech events of this magnitude are few and far between, and as a result these events tend to be huge. Arranging this participation involved an intense period of preparation, with email marketing and specific contacts with influencers through social media up to and during the event. 

At the actual events Plotagon designed, built and manned a full size booth. This was achieved with a small team at the event bringing and building the booth themselves. A strategy was developed for the most effective way of demonstrating and showcasing the app and its benefits to the teachers. 

Plotagon was well received at every event it participated in. More often than not, teachers declared that the Plotagon booth was among the highlights of their event. The booth was always full, regardless of its placement in the hall, and new visitors found it through word of mouth and social media.
Planning and executing participation at an event of this magnitude is gruelling. It is months of preparation followed by a week of almost constant hard work. Yet, these events were pure inspiration, because of the teachers and students. To see people like this get inspired by what you show them, to see their eyes light up as they get ideas is an intensely rewarding experience. 

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