Klas Holmlund
I am a creative generalist. Sort of like a Swiss-Army-Knife of digital creativity. 
Here is where I showcase some of my works. 
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For some reason, I love typewriters. 
I used a typewriter for a metaphor when I built a creative community around a storytelling app called Plotagon. Building that community together with users from all around the world showed me where all of the skills I've learned since I started working with digital design can be put to the best use imaginable. 
Building and nurturing community is fun, and I am very good at it. 
The trick about creating a community is first and foremost the will and ability to communicate. That's pretty much a given. but running and creating a community can be a real challenge. Because you need to be able to handle not only the positive, but the negative aspects of a community. I've been in charge of communitys with millions of users from all over the world, and as a resut, I've gained thousands of friends and gotten to share their experience. 

In 2019 I put a VR headset on and had an epiphany - I was looking straight into a new medium, one to take its place next to video, or text, or mobile. Immersive media is going to change how we work, play and experience the digital world around us. And I intend to be there as it happens. 
I have spent the better part of the last four years exploring this new landscape. I have used it during the pandemic to run a marketing team in its daily work. I have written countless articles and podcasts about it. I have gotten to know and be a part of the growing worldwide XR community. 
And as part of this world, I've gotten to learn worldbuilding myself. Together with designers like me I've dreamed up new places and then caused those places to exist, walking around in the fruits of my own imagination. I invite you to come visit them.

I think one of my most valuable skills as an Creative Director is to think outside the box. To approach any task with the perfect mix of the strategic and the hand-on creative. I've used these skills for the better part of two decades now, both at major agencies and as a freelance consultant. 
I am media agnostic. A true cross-media creative.  I have worked with graphic design in all its forms, from print to banners to websites. I am skilled in every aspect of motion design, from storyboard to filming to editing to grading. I've written content for everything from chatbots to social media ads. In short, I use the creative tools I need for every and any challenge. 
And as a Creative Director, I also love working in a team, inspiring and helping them as they inspire and help me. 
Hope you found something you liked! Please visit to my LinkedIn page for more information, CV and referrals.